Automate All your internet tasks

  • Tired of adding ads every day?
  • Need to publish the same posts daily?
  • Tired of looking for the same information?

A powerful service for automating routine internet activities.

You simply specify what actions to perform at what time and how often.

For example: publish ad number 1 every Monday at 8:00, and ad number 2 every 3 hours, or:

  • - automatically fill in the form (in particular, comments);
  • - posting ads;
  • - automatically log in to webmail (and, if you want, write and send email for you!);
  • - multiple difficult transitions on sites, without user intervention;
  • - obtaining price lists, stock information or any other data from the site;
  • - extract data from web pages;
  • and more ... - is a SaaS with cloud technologies.
This means that all your tasks will be executed on remote servers, and your personal PC is always free.
Just log in to your personal account, set new tasks and monitor the status of their implementation.

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